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Cant wait

Ok, so I know that it has been a while since my last post (for those who are actually reading this blog, you know who you are). Several things have happened since I made my last post including yet another … Continue reading

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Why Not!

A while back I finally got into using iTunes as my way to get music.  While I had an iPod much earlier I had been able to successfully use Amarok to transfer music between my computer and the iPod.  This … Continue reading

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Google Reader

The world moves so fast on the internet. If you are not careful you can find yourself lost checking 4, 5, or even more web sites at a time to see what is new in the world. You wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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It is easy to move though the day and the night without interaction.  No illusion of being connected to the world around us.  In a lifetime, a brief moment of solitude and loneliness dominate.  It is then that something reaches … Continue reading

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Thats right, I got bit! (at a bar)

So, from time to time I ask myself, “what can I blog about?” I mean I like to think that my day to day activities are interesting enough, but lets face it, sometimes you go through a rut. Well, I … Continue reading

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The Rain Commeth….

Well, we have received quite the amount of rain this year. Just yesterday my fathers house, which is down in Strafford, Mo. received 7 inches of rain in one day. Now, this is just unheard of in that area. I … Continue reading

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My First Attempt at Pot Pie (beef)

Ok, so one of the things that I like to pretend to do from time to time is cook. Now baking has never been an issue for me but cooking a real dinner is a chore for me. Well, I … Continue reading

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