The Rain Commeth….

Well, we have received quite the amount of rain this year. Just yesterday my fathers house, which is down in Strafford, Mo. received 7 inches of rain in one day. Now, this is just unheard of in that area. I mean a storm that drops 3 inches during the whole storm is considered bad. Now, we all know that words will just not work here, so, I will include some pictures that my father took for me. (I love storms and was largely disappointed that I could not be there during this one. Yes I am crazy)


About Justace Clutter

I am currently a Physics graduate student at the University of Kansas. My enphasis is High Energy Experiment and as such am currently working at the D0 experiment at Fermilab near Chicago. My undergraduate was accomplished at Southwest Missouri State University (now MSU) in Springfield, Mo. I also compleated 5 years of active duty in the Air Force just after high school.
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