Separate from my work I love to travel and do things as much as possible.  Some like to lounge around and just relax at home but I prefer to do other things.  I have decided to dedicate a series of pages on this blog to describe some of the places that I have been in the hopes that you will find the information useful for planning a trip of your own.  I really have two broad classes of trips that I do, short one or two day runs to the Ozarks region and the other is one to two weeks at either a national park or some really cool ski resorts in Colorado.  I hope to find some more neat places to go in the future.

My original motivation for these pages was to describe the Ozarks region of the United States.  I am a college student in the midwest, specifically at the University of Kansas, and interact with a lot of people that claim to find nothing to do here.  I am here to set the story straight.  The Ozarks region is a collection of Plateau’s and Mountain ranges contained mostly in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas while a small region protruding into the eastern side of Oklahoma.  The region is full of national forests and designated riverways allowing the adventurer, explorer, or even the lazy person inside of you to come alive.  Since there is so much to do in the Ozarks I have decided to split this page into several specific pages depending on the activity.  Each link should provide some information on different destinations that activity can be done along with information on how to plan for one of these trips.

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While any of the activities in the Ozarks region allows a group to have fun and get to know each other, camping can allow you to get off the beaten path and enjoy the wonderful pockets of seclusion that the region has to offer.


While hiking in the Ozarks is not as strenuous as a hike thought the Colorado Rockies one can be sure that the rewards can be just as great. During many of my hikes though the wilderness I have found myself in wonderment of the overall beauty of the area.


This is my favorite past-time in the Ozarks since it really allows you to combine all the above activities into one. A floating trip can be made either very easy or difficult depending on the participants and their desires. The smooth serene waters of the Ozarks rivers is defiantly a great way to spend a weekend.


Southern Missouri and northern Arkansas sport a large array of caves, more so that most of the states in the union. These caves, while some are challenging, offer prizes of beautiful formations and a view of the Ozarks that most do not see. This can be a fun activity as long as it is planned correctly and executed with safety as a primary goal.

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