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Good Apple — Bad Sticker

Today I was at work, well just now, and I decided to be the healthy person that I am (ahhhem) and eat an apple.  A few days ago I had done some grocery shopping in anticipation of this desire.  The … Continue reading

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Dear World….

Today I have been though a gauntlent of dissapointment.  I have received a email from my advisor last week telling me that she wants me to be on my own more and to start looking for a job.  Now, this … Continue reading

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Quarter thiefs…..

Ok, as young growing adults out of the home we have from time to time the lovable task of doing laundry.  Now, I know that there are some that find this to be a fun and exciting task (you are … Continue reading

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Taco Hell….. (ohh, I ment Bell)

Today, I will write to you the reader with a new drive, a rejuvenation of desire to spread the silly things that happen to me on a daily basis.  To who do I owe this burst of energy to…  Stacie, … Continue reading

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Public Figures and Science

Now, from time to time I see an article where a public figure decides to talk about science. I found a real nugget today when browsing the web. A blogger by the name of Copache, otherwise known as “The Seeker”, … Continue reading

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Why Not!

A while back I finally got into using iTunes as my way to get music.  While I had an iPod much earlier I had been able to successfully use Amarok to transfer music between my computer and the iPod.  This … Continue reading

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