Jamup Cave

I just got back the other day from a great caving trip. The group that I went with planed a four day and four night trip down the Jacks Fork river in Missouri. I have floated a lot of the rivers down in the southern Missouri region and I have to say that I really enjoyed the Jacks Fork. There were not as many springs on the river as the North Fork but as far as wild goes I think that the Jacks Fork has all the other rivers trumped. Out of the 15 or 20 caves that we stopped at along the river (there are probibly like 100 caves along this river) one of the most impressive was Jamup Cave. Location of Cave (you may have to switch to satellite view and zoom out to see location) The size of the cave is one of its most impressive features. Climbing up a small hillside one approaches the mouth of the cave.

Evan aproching the cave

Once you get to the top of the hill (not the bluff, that was much harder) you can get to the river entrance of Jamup Cave

Look closely… I am standing there on the rock in the middle… (This is HUGE)

The cave has several different regions, there is the lower region which is composed of a large pool and a fairly short side passage off to the left hand side of the cave entrance. There is an upper region that one can get to by entering the rear entrance of the cave (requires hike to the top of the bluff). In the upper area one can get to the “windows” at the top of the waterfall and look back on the river entrance. There is a skylight which is from a 40 foot sinkhole and one can go back to the source of the water in the cave which is Jamup Creek. All entrances are large. I will leave you with a few other pictures of the cave… (What a great trip)

Lower room with the large pool of water and waterfall. Notice the windows to the left and right of the waterfall

Me before I went into the side passage on the left. It goes for about 100 to 200 feet before terminating at a very small waterfall


About Justace Clutter

I am currently a Physics graduate student at the University of Kansas. My enphasis is High Energy Experiment and as such am currently working at the D0 experiment at Fermilab near Chicago. My undergraduate was accomplished at Southwest Missouri State University (now MSU) in Springfield, Mo. I also compleated 5 years of active duty in the Air Force just after high school.
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4 Responses to Jamup Cave

  1. Greg Clinton says:

    Thank you for bring back some memories I have of a trip I made to Missouri when I was 14. (I’m 51 now). I visited my uncle who lives in the Ozarks near Springfield. He is a trappist monk there. I wonder if you are familiar with them. He took us to caves and I remember some very small and narrow passages and it was wet in places. When we emerged we were covered with slimy wet red clay.

  2. Yea, I do love going to the caves in Missouri. Although it seems that I have not been in a bit now… I had wanted to visit Jamup for a very long time. It was super cool. I will definitely be going back. Glad to have brought back some good memories for you.

  3. Headworker says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Headworker.

  4. The point of the blog post? Or going to the cave?

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